2017 – A year for transformation

It is hard to believe Valentines Day has already come and gone and 2017 is well and truly under way! Did you make New Years Resolutions which have jolted your year into one which is already productive and enjoyable, or have those resolutions already started to fade away with the promise that next year will […]

Switch off – so you can be switched on!

In a busy and hectic world, where technology moves things at lightning fast speed, it is so easy to get caught up. We don’t take time to just stop and enjoy the beauty that we are surrounded by. We are busy managing tight schedules and pressing work routines, and when we aren’t busy in the […]

The Elusive Balance of Modern Day Life

‘Mind Body Spirit’ and ‘Work Life Balance’ – these slogans have been popping up all over the place in the last ten years, and more frequently in recent years. This is what we are told to find, the perfect balance to make one’s life happy and satisfying. And while there are so many ‘experts’ in […]

What is a virtual assistant?

  Since becoming a Virtual Assistant, or ‘a VA’ as we in the business call it, I have been asked the question many times, “What is a Virtual Assistant?” This is an easy, yet difficult, question to answer. A virtual assistant can be so many things. We can be your at-home part time secretary. We […]

Expanding our services

Hi! We’ve had some really exciting developments taking place at Personal Secretary Services which I wanted to share with you. Our services which we provide to you are constantly developing based on your needs. In the last couple of months, not only have we been providing our standard services of high quality transcriptions, document formatting, […]

Membership to “A Clayton’s Secretary” VA Network

Personal Secretary Services is now a member of “A Clayton’s Secretary” Virtual Assistant Network! This is very exciting and a great resource for our new company. This network is Australia’s oldest Virtual Assistant Network and second oldest in the world. Their network has been active for 20 years, so they really know the in’s and out’s of this industry. […]

Work from home model takes off

Recently I was on the Sydney Morning Herald website browsing through the daily headlines, when one caught my eye: “Work-from-home model takes off for AAMI’s call-centre staff”, which was written by Juie Power. It caught my eye because a couple of months ago I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, when I had a […]

Welcome to Personal Secretary Services!

Hi, and welcome to Personal Secretary Services!! I am very excited to launch my new on-line secretarial services business! Firstly, I would like to give a a huge thank you and share my deep appreciation to Sander de Wijs from De Grinthorst, for designing and creating this beautiful website. His creativity and hard work has provided this business […]