In a busy and hectic world, where technology moves things at lightning fast speed, it is so easy to get caught up. We don’t take time to just stop and enjoy the beauty that we are surrounded by.

We are busy managing tight schedules and pressing work routines, and when we aren’t busy in the business world, we are busy with family and home commitments. We spare little or no time for relaxation.

It’s a tough situation, and people find themselves feeling trapped in their endless commitments and to-do lists. This in turn creates stress, which often lead to health issues – whether they manifest as physical, mental or emotional problems.

Every day life brings in numerous opportunities to enjoy and treasure the simple joys and experience the happiness around us. Unfortunately, though, the world of technology and staying “connected” often finds its way to interrupt these moments.

It’s an irony, that while we are so well connected with people all across the globe we are getting more and more disconnected from the people and things right in front of us!

So, what is the solution? Is there a solution?

One solution is so simple, yet so difficult to do. Switch all our electronic devices off!

How else will we really be able to experience what is right in front of us?

This is easy to say but how to actually do this?

It comes down to priorities and organization. Of course we can’t just ignore our jobs and our financial and practical commitments. These need to be taken care of in order that we can really enjoy and have a sense of calm when we switch off. So we need to find a way to efficiently take care of what needs to be taken care of, and realise that our own personal well-being, and that of our loved ones, are top of our priority list. At the end of the day, what else matters?

Outsourcing is great way to become more efficient. Whether you outsource work tasks or domestic tasks, this will free up valuable time. Make a list of tasks or jobs that you are responsible for, and then highlight the ones which you know someone else could do with little to no guidance or hand-holding from you.

They might be work tasks that you could outsource to a virtual assistant, like taking care of your social media accounts, website updates, your diary management, or getting an online shop created to bypass the need of manually taking orders and payments.

They might be domestic tasks like cleaning, getting the lawn mowed, or doing your shopping online.

Whether they are big or small tasks, they will free up your mind and your time.

A healthy and rejuvenated mind and body must be our first priority; it’s that which gives us the energy and the push to go on and take over all aspects of our life. So make sure you consciously take out time to spend with your loved ones and also indulge in the things that make you feel better and heighten your mood.

Don’t just survive and drown yourself in work; truly embrace life and enjoy the beauty and love it offers. Live better and live happier!