Since becoming a Virtual Assistant, or ‘a VA’ as we in the business call it, I have been asked the question many times, “What is a Virtual Assistant?”

This is an easy, yet difficult, question to answer. A virtual assistant can be so many things. We can be your at-home part time secretary. We can take care of your website or social media accounts. We can look after the marketing or customer service side of your business. Then of course there are some which answer your phone calls when you aren’t able to, or they are your transcriber, or maybe even your travel organiser.

The list is endless…

I guess that is the great thing about working in the virtual assistant field – the role can be as varied as each VA chooses.

I love variety myself, so my clients cover many different lines of work with different needs. I know other VA’s who are great at one thing and stick with that. Both work and each of us are content and happy.

So, are you now wondering where the benefit is for the client? The answer to that is a simple one. You can hire a virtual assistant based on your needs, for the amount of hours or cost your business can afford, and you don’t have the worry of insurances, paying superannuation, or renting office space you don’t really need.

It is a win/win arrangement, which also embraces the new trend of working remotely – one of the gifts that technology has brought to our society.

I know it might seem a little daunting at first, to have someone take care of your business who isn’t sitting outside your office, but I can assure you, once you try it out, you will love all the benefits and flexibility it gives you and your VA.

So, it’s a new year, a new start…give it a try!