Recently I was on the Sydney Morning Herald website browsing through the daily headlines, when one caught my eye: “Work-from-home model takes off for AAMI’s call-centre staff”, which was written by Juie Power.

It caught my eye because a couple of months ago I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, when I had a sudden ‘light-bulb moment’. Why am I wasting 3 hours of my day commuting into the city and back to do a job which I could just as easily do from home, which would be more cost effective for both me and my employer? With today’s technology, there is no need for a secretary to sit in an office in a building in the middle of the city. I realised how much I would love to begin my own company, working from home doing what I enjoy and what I am good at.

The next morning I shared light-bulb moment with my husband, who also found that it made complete sense and it was a great idea for a business. So, the wheels were set in motion…

Then a couple of weeks later I came across this article, and I realise that I am not the only one who believes that working from home is an industry just waiting to take off! I recently returned from 1 month in Europe, and after speaking with the family of my husband, I realised that Australia isn’t just lagging behind the US with this industry, but with Europe as well.

So I came home even more energised to get my business up and running, and with dedication and hard work, I know that Personal Secretary Services won’t just be a success, but in the future it will be a way of life for many more people here in Australia.